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Year End Reflections

This week, we are overjoyed to be bidding 2021 adieu.  Before it is kicked to the curb, however, we want to acknowledge the lessons, truths, or otherwise valuable nuggets of wisdom we’re walking into the next year with.  Each of us have been through the meat grinder that is the last year (or more, obviously), and literally survived to be able to celebrate 2022 and whatever is in store.

First and foremost, let's talk a little bit about the culture that surrounds the new year and what it brings us.  It is easy to buy into a lot of the “new year, new me” bs, the toxic positivity, or the push to suddenly make changes in your life that reflect you being this ‘new’ version of yourself.  This isn’t that.  We don’t believe in all that nonsense, and we don’t want to suggest in any way that we think you should too.  If you do, and that stuff works for you, that’s all well and good. We mean to be authentic always and part of that is to be transparent.

With that being said, each of us wanted to share a bit about our 2021, and what we hope for, intend on, or are otherwise looking forward to in the year to come.  While we don’t ascribe to the general culture that comes with the changing of the year, there is value in self reflection.  There is a lot of value in goal setting, personal promises, affirmations, etc.

“But aren’t just these things the same things as ‘resolutions?’”  Yeah, sure, maybe.  Point is, there is value where you place it. We definitely place value in the evergoing journey of self improvement, self reflection, and the investments you can make in yourself and your personal growth as a human.  The practice of this takes many forms; journaling, meditation, therapy, exercise, time spent in solitude, engaging in hobbies…

Each of us wanted to share with you in hopes that it’ll inspire you to spend some time in reflection for yourself.  Our guiding questions where:

What was a lesson, a truth, or something of significance that 2021 taught you?

What are you looking forward to, intending to, or hoping to bring into 2022?

Emily:  In 2021 I learned that it can always get worse! In all seriousness, I learned that I have an incredible support group surrounding me and when things go wrong, I have people to lean on.

In 2022, I am looking forward to giving back to those who supported me through the rough times in 2021.

Kate: In 2021, I built upon a compound lesson that the previous two years had taught me: Time is my most precious commodity, and ‘no’ is a full answer. 

Learning to shed years of programming in investing my time and my energy to meet the needs of those around me before my own cup was filled left me in a cycle of perpetual burnout, unhappiness, and chronically out of touch with my sense of self.  This process meant that I lost a lot of friends, my marriage had ended as a partial result of accepting these truths, and my relationship with members of my family were in a terrible place.  It's taken a lot of work since then, but finding my way back to myself has come out of putting this lesson into practice.  My time, and how it is spent is a reflection of what I value.  2021 solidified this for me, and my relationships are better because I can advocate for myself in a healthier way.

In 2022, I hope to cultivate a sense of ease within my life.  I want to continue to examine what makes me feel “behind,” knowing that most of the American construct of “success” is an unattainable lie.  Asking for what I need, and leaning on the people around me that know me, trust me, and genuinely want the best for me are a few more things I hope to bask in come 2022.  

Molly: I learned from 2021 that my own thoughts and feelings are valid and I shouldn’t dwell on what others think.

In 2022, I want to work on setting healthy boundaries with the people in my life as a form of self care and love for the people I have relationships with.

Alex: For me the lesson that kept popping up most in 2021 was about asking for what I need.  Being super clear with others and myself on what rest looked like, on what support looked like, on what completion or satisfaction looked like.  It was honestly crazy the response I’d get when I’d ask other people what they needed.  Most folks looked at me completely stunned.  Like no one had ever thought to just ask that before. 

My goal for 2022 is to *really* take pause before answering this question.  Most of the time what I reach for- Netflix or my phone- isn’t the answer.  Mostly the answer is rest.  And in a capitalist society that thrives on me running myself into the ground, rest is a rebellious act.  One that I intend on partaking more in.

What are your answers to those questions?  Anything you’re ruminating on that you wanna share with us?  We would love to hear it. Come by and hang out with us, we’ll be doing plenty of cleaning and clearing space for what 2022 holds in store (literally) and would love to see your faces. 

May your New Year be filled with the good stuff. May you be safe, healthy, content, well rested, hydrated, and ready to receive whatever abundance comes your way. Cheers to 2022!

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Liz - December 31, 2021

Thank you to all at Kindred for your hospitality and kindness. It means so much to me. And Dave too. When I asked for a hand rail on the front stairs it was done just like that. Once I wished for a clock, I think I said it would be nice to have a clock in here and just like that a vintage school clock arrived in the collective. A sign for the collective: done. Thank you all so much for everything. Sometimes you all seem to know what I want or need before I do. I appreciate the community at Kindred and each and every member of the team. The energy and kindness always makes me feel better. And after a difficult couple of years this retreat is exactly what we needed. I am excited to see how my art will evolve in 2022 in this positive environment, as well as the ever evolving and thoughtful products and artful merchandising upstairs in the store. I hope the best in 2022 for all of the Kindred group. That you all have the good of our home earth and low waste living front and center is the icing on the cupcake. Yeah and once you seemed to know that a red velvet cupcake was exactly what I needed. Damn you’re good and I do give a damn.❤️

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