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  • Dryer Balls


    Add a touch of natural efficiency and whimsy to your laundry routine with our 100% Premium New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls. These charming, handmad...

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  • Mason Jar Lid


    These Mason jar lids are a must-have in any household. Combined with traditional Mason jars (even vintage ones), they create an eco-friendly alter...

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  • Bottle Brush

    from $5.00

    Made from wire and pig bristle, these clever little brushes provide a zero-waste alternative to synthetic brushes.  Regular: perfect for bottles, ...

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  • Toilet Brush


    A toilet brush is normally a disposable item that is not usually recyclable and ends up in landfills, waterways or the oceans. This is the ideal no...

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  • Dust Brush


    Just the brushes you need for everyday household cleaning, indoors and outdoors. Choose from two options: Horsehair; great for cleaning and sweepin...

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  • Sold out

    Cuban Mop


    The Cuban Mop. Its genius lies in the simplicity of its design. Made locally by our very own Ken Williams, this mop is made of two hand-turned dowe...

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  • Red Cedar Disc


    Keep your cherished garments safe and your closet smelling fresh with our Natural Red Cedar Discs – a simple, chemical-free solution to protect ...

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  • Garden Brush


    Experience the ultimate in garden tool care with our Redecker Garden Tool Brush, a meticulously crafted tool essential for any gardening enthusi...

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  • Soap Flakes


    Steeped in tradition, our Soap Flakes carry on the legacy of the time-honored Marseille soap-making process. Produced from vegetable oils without...

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