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Ronald Records

Alongside Kindred's commitment to sustainability and community building, we're thrilled to share another unique aspect of our space: a vibrant record store nestled in our basement.
This cool, eclectic spot has become more than just a place to discover music; it's a hub that connects us with the rich music scenes of Vancouver and Portland.
The amazing team behind the record store, Kelsey & Jon have been instrumental in building bridges within the music community since joining us just over a year ago. Their presence has added such a dynamic vibe to Kindred!
Come explore our hidden musical haven and experience the soulful beat of our ever-growing community.


Ronald Records is open
Monday & Thursday, 12-5
Friday - Sun, 10-5


Ronald Records was established in 2014 as an independent record label that partnered with indie musicians to release music on various physical formats.
After working with artists from across the world, we were inspired to transition from a record label to an online record store. To spread our love of music further and strengthen our connection with the community, Ronald Records opened a brick-and-mortar store in October 2022.
We’re a small independent music store located in downtown Vancouver, Washington, offering a growing selection of new and used vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs, 8-tracks, VHS, DVDs, books, memorabilia, apparel, stereo equipment and more.
And to help bring more groove to the ‘Couve, we host live music on the First Friday and Second Saturday of every month, featuring local artists from all over the PNW.
Plus, we are proudly family-owned and vegan-powered!