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  • Terracotta Pot

    from $15.00

    If your plants could speak, they would tell you that there’s nothing better than a quality clay pot. Proper drainage gives their roots room to brea...

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  • Herb Snips


    These extra sharp snips will help harvest your delicate herbs (think parsley, basil, oregano) or prune that bonsai you’ve been neglecting. Also won...

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  • Garden Trowel


    The spade works quickly and comfortably through both soft soil and rough ground. Ideal for digging, turning and spreading soil, prepping beds, and ...

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  • Garden Scoop


    This oversized garden scoop is your go-to tool when the trowel just won’t do. Ideal for quickly prepping beds and planting seedlings in both garden...

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  • Pruner


    Inspired by old-world Japanese design, these Pruners offer dexterity and utility, complemented by timeless beauty. Durable steel construction, clas...

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  • Chef's Apron


    Designed with direct input with chef partners Jared and Mona of Tournant PDX, this modern and durable garment features unique, useful details speci...

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