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Low Waste Essentials

Start where you are. Use what you have. Choose better.

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Our Values

Be Brave.

Stay open, stay curious and ask more questions. Living low-waste can feel overwhelming. We're committed to asking tough questions to get to the bottom of why we do things, how we can do better and passing this knowledge on.

Take Good Care.

Of each other and the planet. Through community collaboration, volunteering, education and empowerment we're doing our part to uplift others, share our resources and help folks live lower-waste in a way that is accessible to all socioeconomic statuses.

Come As You Are.

Creating safe and brave spaces for people to show up, be seen and be open to learning means both skill building around sustainable practices and working to dismantle the systems that devalue and dehumanize people. We are committed to that work - now and forevermore. 

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Low Waste Living

The sweetness of slow living; Homesteading tips, low-waste living swaps, garden musings and DIY recipes.

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