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Meet the Team

Hey, I'm Alex. And I believe that: 
♥ A low-waste lifestyle should be accessible and affordable for everyone. 
♥ In order to leave this world better than I found it I can make better decisions about what and how I consume. 
♥ We all deserve to be a part of a community where we are valued, loved and lifted up by one another.
Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.
I started Kindred Homestead Supply in the hopes of creating a space for like-minded folk to gather, converse, shop for low-waste products, learn, grow, share, and exist together. I can't wait to meet you and learn your story.

Meet our Shop Manager, Savonne. She's a wonderful energy you're sure to see hustling day in and day out here at Kindred. She enjoys the color pink - and any bright color for that matter, long walks on the beach, is a PNW native, stops for rainbows and butterflies, has a lot of kiddos (4 to be exact) and is an incredible DIY-er!
Savonne joined us in Summer 2023 and it's like she's been with us forever. She is a ray of sunshine with cool tattoos and a love for pressing flowers.


Meet our very own southern sweetheart, Udell (pronounced You·Dell). Originally from South Carolina, he recently relocated to Vancouver with his partner, Jordan and their two cats, Lucien and Izzy. 
When he's not meticulously organizing at Kindred, he can be found meticulously organizing at home. Or baking. Seriously, he makes the best baked goods - lucky us! 
"Kindred was quite literally the tipping point for us deciding to move to Vancouver. Not only did I feel welcome, it assured me that this was a city moving in the right direction. I'm excited to interact more and more with this community, especially folks doing their best to live lower waste. I love that i get to be a part of that."


Buttercup was our shop foster bunny. She came to us in July 2022 along with her sister, Bubbles. While Bubbles found her forever home quickly, Buttercup was a little more shy. She found her family at the end of Summer, 2023.
Now we have a new foster baby, Chickadee. He's 8 months old and a very shy boy but he loves a cuddle. Photos coming soon!
To find out more about Rabbit Advocates, visit their site HERE. In the meantime, feel free to stop by and give our friends a snack - we usually have carrot tops available, or you can get them at New Seasons at the cash registers!