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About the Team

Hey, I'm Alex. And I believe that: 
♥ A low-waste lifestyle should be accessible and affordable for everyone. 
♥ In order to leave this world better than I found it I can make better decisions about what and how I consume. 
♥ We all deserve to be a part of a community where we are valued, loved and lifted up by one another. 
I started Kindred Homestead Supply, a place for like-minded folk to gather, converse, shop for low-waste products, learn, grow, share, and exist together. I can't wait to meet you and learn your story.
Emily started in January and hasn't looked back. After graduating with her Bachelor's degree in communication & environmental science, Emily looked for a place that aligned with her values.⁠ She is our Social media manager, content creator, outreach coordinator, event planner, and photographer!

"I love working downtown. I was born and raised in Vancouver but am just now feeling a part of the downtown community. My favorite part is building connections and seeing familiar faces. I appreciate Alex for hiring me as her second employee. I have grown so much here and I'll owe a lot to her."