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Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Alex. And I believe that: 

♥ A low-waste lifestyle should be accessible and affordable for everyone. 

♥ In order to leave this world better than I found it I can make better decisions about what and how I consume. 

♥ We all deserve to be a part of a community where we are valued, loved and lifted up by one another.

Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

I started Kindred Homestead Supply in the hopes of creating a space for like-minded folk to gather, converse, shop for low-waste products, learn, grow, share, and exist together. I can't wait to meet you and learn your story.


Meet Savonne, our energetic Shop Manager at Kindred! Since joining us in Summer 2023, she's become an integral part of our community, bringing a splash of color everywhere she goes—especially her favorite, pink. Savonne, a true Pacific Northwest native, has a knack for DIY projects and an eye for beauty, often pausing her busy day to appreciate birds and butterflies.

With three kids at home, Savonne is a master of juggling tasks with a smile. Her creative spirit shines brightly as she leads various crafty workshops, from Shibori indigo dyeing to flower pressing and recycled art. Always eager to try new things, she encourages our community to share their interests for future workshops.

Savonne also plays a key role in nurturing our local connections, managing relationships with new vendors and welcoming local artists into the fold at Kindred through art shows, pop-ups, and consignment initiatives. Her vibrant presence and cool tattoos are a beacon of positivity, making everyone feel like they’ve been part of the Kindred family forever.


Sophie is a seasoned folk herbalist with more than ten years of practice in plant medicine. She ardently strives to equip her community with resources, fostering education and empowerment for individuals to nurture themselves, their loved ones, and the environment. In addition to her love for herbalism, Sophie is a dedicated yin yoga instructor who advocates for mental health awareness, community support, and collaborative assistance.

Catch her workshops where she'll help you discover and fall in love with herbs, how to use them and incorporate them in your everyday rhythms.

Meet our very own southern sweetheart, Udell (pronounced You·Dell). Originally from South Carolina, he recently relocated to Vancouver with his partner, Jordan and their two cats, Lucien and Izzy.

When he's not meticulously organizing at Kindred, he can be found meticulously organizing at home. Or baking. Seriously, he makes the best baked goods - lucky us!

"Kindred was quite literally the tipping point for us deciding to move to Vancouver. Not only did I feel welcome, it assured me that this was a city moving in the right direction. I'm excited to interact more and more with this community, especially folks doing their best to live lower waste. I love that i get to be a part of that." 

Meet Laurie*, who ventured from Arizona to our community several years ago. She’s quickly carved out her niche at Kindred, leading our alcohol-free selections. She's deeply passionate about the movement towards alcohol-free living and is continuously working to broaden our array of options, ensuring there's something for everyone. We love her take-no-shit attitude; she's diligent and straightforward in her dealings with distributors and vendors, always ensuring we get the best deals to benefit our community.

When she's not ensuring our shelves are stocked with the finest selections, Laurie can be found soaking up the fun at our moon circles and live music events, fully embracing the community spirit of Kindred.

When she's not at Kindred you'd catch her hanging with her grandson, discovering a new love of gardening and hiking in the PNW with a good book in tow.  

*Note: this is not actually Laurie. She is a very elusive human.



This is Chickadee. He's almost a year old and a very shy boy but he loves a cuddle. Seriously. Come in during the week for prime bunny snuggles.

To find out more about Rabbit Advocates, visit their site HERE. In the meantime, feel free to stop by and give our friends a snack - we usually have carrot tops available, or you can get them at New Seasons at the cash registers!