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  • Pot Brush


    Heavy-duty fiber bristles attached to an ergonomic knob shaped handle is perfect for cleaning pots, plates, household items, and just about anythin...

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  • Compost Bin


    Our compost bin is durable, plastic free, and comes with a replaceable activated charcoal filter to keep your home smelling fresh. When the contain...

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  • Ice Cube Tray


    This lever-style ice cube tray harks back to a classic 1950s design. Stainless steel is durable and makes for quick freezing of cubes, and it's a m...

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  • Wool Sponge


    Use wool sponges to do the dishes, to wash your face & body, or to clean surfaces. Clean and durable, these sponges do not get gross or smell...

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  • Ice Pack


    Finally - Plastic-free ice packs! HOORAY!  Perfect for sore backs, headaches,  bruises, bumps, you name it! It is also perfect for keeping your lun...

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  • Utility Apron


    If gardening is your passion, you'll dig our updated all-purpose Utility Apron. But it's also ideal for wait- and front-of-house staff, artists, ha...

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