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About Us

Welcome to Kindred Homestead Supply, where sustainability meets simplicity! Nestled in the beautiful city of Vancouver, WA (just a hop skip over the bridge from Portland, OR), we are a haven for mindful living and a hub for community-driven sustainability.


Our Ethos:

"All are welcome. Come as you are."

At Kindred Homestead Supply, we believe in embracing diversity and building an inclusive community. Our doors are open to everyone - whether you're a zero-waste veteran or just beginning your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We don't care who you love; we're just trying to be good humans.


Our Story:

Kindred Homestead Supply was born out of a passion for making a difference, and building a longer table (not higher walls). We recognized the need for a space where people could access sustainable alternatives to everyday products without the packaging that weighs down our planet. We wanted to bring folks together and build a healthier future in the gorgeous PNW. Our mission is to make low-waste shopping an alternative but also a joyful and nourishing experience.


How It Works:

Bring your containers, and we'll fill them with goodness! Our bulk refillery offers an extensive range of home and personal care products. It's incredibly simple: you bring the containers, and we provide high-quality, sustainable goods to fill them up.


Our Offerings:

  • Bulk Refillery: Our heart and soul. From cleaning agents to personal care products, we offer a plethora of options to choose from.
  • Sustainable Home Goods: Make your home a sanctuary with our selection of low-waste and sustainably made products that are as kind to the environment as they are to you.
  • Secondhand Treasures: Dive into our collection of secondhand and vintage items, where every piece tells a story.
  • Local Artwork: Our walls are adorned with an array of artwork from local artisans. Our community is brimming with talent, and we proudly showcase it.


      The Community at Heart:

      We don't just provide products; we build connections. We are deeply invested in supporting local, sustainable, and community-driven businesses. By choosing Kindred Homestead Supply, you are joining a movement and a family dedicated to making a lasting impact on our planet.


      Let's Embark on This Journey Together:

      We're excited to meet you, hear your story, and walk alongside you as you progress toward a more mindful home. Come join us at Kindred Homestead Supply, where we're more than a store - we're a community.