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Collect More Moments

We can’t be the only ones running around all crazy this week, right?  If your week has looked anything like ours, the to do list is like ivy; creeping along and growing longer despite being cut down time and again.  Trying to keep all the proverbial plates spinning, coordinating all the  schedules and the shopping and the errands and the shipping of the gifts….Whew. Yeah, it's a lot.

The culture of urgency surrounding this time of year can be distracting.  In the midst of all the plans about all the things, it is easy to lose sight of the idea that the season isn’t about all those other things.  It's about our time.  Our time is our most precious commodity.  It is the thing we can’t freely trade for more later; a nonrenewable resource that we all share that disappears at the same rate for all of us.  

An overabundance of Hallmark movies and overly saccharine radio interludes remind us of the “reasons for the season.” There’s infinite advice on giving “what they really want this year.” Suffice to say, it isn’t stuff.  It isn’t the thing the ads are selling; it is time. We all want more time. 

Collecting more moments-having more time- means there is less to do, to bring, to prepare for.  Giving time is being present with those you are giving your time to.  Collecting moments is about being, and not doing, which is why we’re so bad at it.  Surrendering yourself to the present moment is something that many aren’t practiced in in general, let alone during one of the most notoriously hectic times of the year.  Our culture around creating those moments to be present within is also a trap, in some sense. There is some kind of external influence that encourages you to see “quality time” as looking a certain way.  

In fewer words: don’t try so hard this year.  Plan less, give of yourself by being, and collect the moments that follow.  

This is certainly advice we’ve had to prescribe ourselves as well as offering it to you here.  We have loved helping all of you find and put together things from our store for all of your loved ones. We have loved sharing the art that our friends make that we sell that you all get to enjoy, be it a painting, a mug, or a candle.  We’ve loved wrapping your gifts and seeing your faces–all lovely little moments collected amongst the bustle and reality of retail during the holidays.   

As the weekend approaches, put some gentleness on yourselves, some patience on strangers, and some flexibility overall.  Be, and don’t do, and collect your moments. For us, it will likely look like a lazy morning in bed sipping coffee and snuggling a dog, or doing a puzzle with a kitten curled up nearby, or hosting  our chosen family for some holiday cheer.  Try to forget what things would make the holiday your version of “perfect” and just roll with what is.  If your holiday includes anything that is difficult, know that you aren’t alone and you’ll have friends in us to decompress with later if ya need.  

We are grateful for all of you! Thank you for sharing your holiday with us, for buying from our store, for dropping off cards, treats, and for being nice to us.  May your holiday weekend be more about the moments, may it bring you joy and a sense of peace, even if only for a day or two.  May it be happy, merry, bright, cozy, and safe.  Collect your moments.

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Alex - December 28, 2021

Here here!!

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