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Watercolor Art Print | Marcella Kriebel

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Marcella Kriebel, a gem from the Pacific Northwest now sparkling in Washington, D.C., beautifully melds the worlds of artistry and culinary delight. Fond memories of childhood gardening, a deep-seated passion for paints, and her academic pursuits in Studio Art and Cultural Anthropology have shaped her unique artistic narrative.

Marcella's adventurous spirit led her to immerse herself in Latin American cultures, where travel and gastronomy danced onto her canvas. After a stint at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, she embraced D.C.'s vibrant arts scene, establishing herself since 2011.

With a diverse portfolio ranging from commission pieces to an exquisite collection of watercolor art prints, Marcella's work is a visual feast. And while her brushes splash color on paper, she finds her own balance by embracing the serenity of river kayaking and soaking in the tranquility of the great outdoors. Dive into Marcella's world: where every stroke tells a story and every print evokes a memory.

From delightful food doodles to striking pieces echoing culture and social justice, Marcella's art seamlessly marries playful vibes with profound messages. Adorn your space with these 9"x12" prints - a vivid fusion of watercolor magic and pen finesse.

Printed sustainably on 100 lb EcoSilk Paper using soy-based inks. Brighten, educate, and inspire!