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Terra Prints Cyanotype Kit

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 Dive into the enchanting world of cyanotype art with our DIY Cyanotype Kit, curated by Brittany Lee of Terra Prints. Hailing from Washington State, Brittany has honed her craft in bio-regional herbalism for over a decade.

Our kit offers everything required to bring sun-illuminated blueprints to life right from your home. Each element, from the UV-sensitive cyanotype solution to the quality paper, ensures that your artistry shines through in each print. For the uninitiated, we've enclosed detailed instructions paired with professional tips and tricks, guaranteeing captivating outcomes every time.

Cyanotype isn't just an art—it's a piece of photographic history. Tracing its roots back to 1842, this technique became the chosen method for crafting monochromatic blue prints, an economical alternative for reproducing photographs, maps, and architectural plans, thus coining the term "blueprints."

The kit's magic unfolds when the mixed cyanotype chemicals react with sunrays, making any object placed on the sensitized surface cast a mesmerizing silhouette.

Kit Components:

  • Cyanotype solution (1 oz. per bottle)
  • Premium paper sheets
  • Delicately pressed botanicals for added creativity
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions
  • Handy paintbrush
  • Pro tips & tricks booklet for exceptional results
  • Plexiglass sheet, ensuring sharp and clear prints

Harness the power of the sun, and let your creative journey begin with every sunlit silhouette you craft!

Each kit makes up to 30 prints