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Soil Block Maker


Starting seeds can be zero-waste. Plus, you’ll never run out of starter pots again! This clever device presses moistened soil into compact blocks that hold their shape — no pot needed. Roots grow freely, get oxygenated, and grow more robustly as a result. Plus, since you just transplant the entire thing into the garden, there's no waste or transplant shock. 

To use a seed block maker you’ll need to mix soil, compost, perlite and coconut coir (some folks use peat moss but it’s not the most sustainable choice). Put this mix into the block maker - pack it tight - and push down on the block maker to reveal perfect little blocks, ready for planting. 

Not to worry, this method does take a little getting used to but it’s well worth it. Check out our Instagram tutorial for more info on seed blocking - you’ll be a pro in no time.