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Roots Divino | non-alcoholic vermouth


Step into a realm of sophisticated taste without the haze of alcohol with our ROOTS DIVINO aperitifs. Embracing the artistry of winemaking and the halo of non-alcoholic elegance, each bottle promises a divine experience, as symbolized by the celestial halo on our label.

Taking inspiration from age-old herbal concoctions, these aperitifs blend the potent flavors of bitter orange, gentian, wormwood, and thyme, transporting you to the heart of Mediterranean traditions.

The journey begins with crafting a Mediterranean vermouth, where Greek herbs like wormwood, rosemary, and gentian are infused and macerated in sweetened wine. This vermouth is then treated with reverse osmosis, a technique akin to the wine de-alcoholization process, ensuring you get all the flavors without the alcohol.

Available in two varieties:

ROOTS DIVINO ROSSO Dive into the richness of bitter orange, gentian, and wormwood encapsulated in our contemporary “rosso” aperitif. A bittersweet symphony hailing from Greece, it's best enjoyed over ice with tonic, garnished with a slice of orange. Elevate your mocktail game with a non-alcoholic spritz.

ROOTS DIVINO BIANCO Experience the aromatic blend of rosemary, thyme, and wormwood in our vibrant “bianco” aperitif. A zesty Greek concoction with fresh and sour undertones, it's perfect over ice, complemented by tonic and a lemon slice. Reimagine your spritz experience, sans the alcohol.

Choose ROOTS DIVINO and savor the spirit of Greece in every sip, without the alcohol. Celebrate occasions, big or small, with a touch of the divine!