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Lasercut Birdhouse

These locally made birdhouses are a unique design to fit the Pacific Northwest ...a dewdrop! These birdhouses were created for the backyard of the builder but quickly gained popularity for a showcase piece, for inside the home. The design was to mimic the weather of the pacific northwest. 

Materials: Baltic Birch plywood coated with an outdoor varnish. Two nuts and bolts, to keep the dewdrop look together, and two screws to keep the honeycomb face plate on. 
Birds: The openings to birdhouses vary depending on the birds you want to attract. These are just a few birds that can be attracted to our birdhouses in our local area. 
Chickadees 1inch to 1 1/8”
House wrens 1 1/8”
Violet-green swallows 1¼”
Tree swallows 1¼”
Nuthatches 1¼”
Bluebirds 1½”