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Dead Sea Salt │ Coarse


Since ancient times, people have lauded the benefits of Dead Sea salt. Not for its use in cooking (it’s far too bitter for that), but for its fantastic health and therapeutic properties. Its use can be dated all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians, notably to Queen Cleopatra, who went to great lengths to secure exclusive reign over the Dead Sea; she attributed her great beauty and complexion to the secrets of the sea and its salts.

What Makes Dead Sea Salt So Special?

Dead Sea Salt contains 10X more minerals than normal sea salt.  Minerals which can assist in cleansing, detoxifying, and restoring a healthy status quo to the body, especially the skin and muscles.  These minerals include:

Magnesium - Great for detoxifying and cleansing the epidermis. It promotes the cell metabolism, and in turn helps heal damaged or inflamed skin.

Calcium - Calcium also promotes skin growth and regeneration, moisture retention through the production of sebum, and stimulates the production of antioxidants.

Sodium - Sodium helps cleanse and exfoliate the skin, neutralize free radicals which can degenerate skin cells, and relieve sore muscles.

Zinc - Zinc also helps heal and rejuvenate skin, ward off acne, and protects the skin’s lipids and fibroblast cells ( the ones that create collagen).

Potassium - Potassium is great for keeping skin moist and plump, and for reducing puffiness.

Sulfur - Sulfur helps de-congest pores. It also has powerful healing, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties.

How to use it:

In the bath - Dissolve up to two cups of Dead Sea salt in warm bathwater, stirring to distribute evenly, and soak in it for at least 20 minutes. Will you are soaking, rub the salt into your skin in smooth circular motions to remove dead skin cells and other impurities.

As a face scrub - Dissolve a handful of Dead Sea salt into a basin of tepid water, and rub the salt softly against the skin of your face to remove dirt, oils and dead skin to leave it feeling soft and rejuvenated.

As a foot scrub - Do the same for your feet! Add a handful of salt to a foot bath for a relaxing foot soak. Use the grains to scrub away dirt and dead skin for fresh, smooth feet.

In the shower - Keep a jar of Dead Sea salt handy in your shower to use as an invigorating body scrub. Massage gently into your neck, shoulders, arms and legs and rinse.

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