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Cuban Mop


The Cuban Mop. Its genius lies in the simplicity of its design. Made locally by our very own Ken Williams, this mop is made of two hand-turned dowels that fit together into a T with a wooden pin to keep the head from turning as you use it.

It’s inexpensive, lightweight, easy to use, and a cinch to clean: just throw the soiled towel in the washing machine. Use an old piece of fabric, or snag one of our cotton cloths. Because it uses a swatch of fabric, you'll never have to search for a matching head. And you can use it wet or dry. (Bye-bye plastic Swiffer.)

Since it’s made with all-natural, reusable components, it’s the most eco-friendly mop out there. In fact, it just might be the perfect tool.

To use it you'll need: 

  • The mop handle 
  • A cloth 
  • Some cleaner (our all-purpose cleaner is perfect for the job!)

Wet a medium-size cloth— old hand towel, our cotton cloth, or even an old cloth diaper will work—with your favorite cleaning solution. Squeeze out the excess liquid, and place your towel on the floor.

Note: If you want to use your Cuban mop with a dry rag, skip this step. 

Place your cloth on the floor and wrap it around your Cuban mop, starting from the bottom left corner and working around counter-clockwise. 

To use, simply push the mop along the floor, being careful not to lift it off the floor. When one side gets icky, flip the mop and use the other side. Once both sides are soiled, remove the cloth, rinse, re-wet with cleaning solution, squeeze, and rewrap. Repeat as needed until your floor is sparkly clean! 

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