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Reusable Facial Products | The Caring Home


Reusable Cotton Rounds are the perfect eco-friendly and a zero waste alternative to disposable cotton balls and disposable cotton rounds. Great for removing make-up, removing nail polish, applying toner, Soak and freeze for boo-boo relief, nursing pads, or add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and add to a drawer or suitcase.

When your finished with it just throw into your washing machine and lay flat to dry. The natural and black, a set of 12, come in a laundry bag (the approximate size is 10" X 12" with a drawstring). The rainbow rounds are a set of 14 and come unpackaged. 

These Cotton Rounds are safe and gentle for all skin types, soft on the skin.

The fabric used is 100% Cotton and Organic Cotton made in the USA,
the size of the rounds is approximately 3" X 3"