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  • Pruner


    Inspired by old-world Japanese design, these Pruners offer dexterity and utility, complemented by timeless beauty. Durable steel construction, clas...

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  • Garden Trowel


    The spade works quickly and comfortably through both soft soil and rough ground. Ideal for digging, turning and spreading soil, prepping beds, and ...

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  • Garden Scoop


    This oversized garden scoop is your go-to tool when the trowel just won’t do. Ideal for quickly prepping beds and planting seedlings in both garden...

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  • Chef's Apron


    Designed with direct input with chef partners Jared and Mona of Tournant PDX, this modern and durable garment features unique, useful details speci...

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  • Linen Apron

    from $35.00

    With thoughtful details, like un-lacquered brass rivets and four waist-level front pockets to keep all of your necessities close at hand, our apron...

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  • Dahlia Tuber


    Is it a bulb? Is it a root? No, it's a tuber! Commonly referred to as "bulbs" Dahlia tubers store food for the growing season that cluster together...

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  • Outdoor Broom


    Raise your hand if you're sick of plastic brooms - bleh! We love a beautiful and useful household product and this outdoor broom doesn't disappoint...

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  • Animalium


    Welcome to the museum! There are more than 160 animal specimens to be discovered in Animalium, the first in a series of virtual museums. Wander the...

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  • Shampoo Bar


    Each of our gorgeous smelling shampoo bars takes the place of bottles of shampoo and conditioner! Leaves hair glossy is convenient for travel and h...

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  • Hogwash Soap


    Perfect for Gardener’s, Mechanics, Kids and other hardworking hands . This is a powerful, yet gentle, stain removing champ! If you need it clean –...

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  • Botanicum


    A brilliantly curated guide to plant life. With artwork from Katie Scott, Botanicum gives readers the experience of a fascinating exhibition from t...

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  • Mending Kit


    Unhinged hems, missing buttons, teenie tiny holes — it’s all fixable if you keep your mending tools handy and in working order. To help you get you...

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