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🌟 Plastic-Free July | 10% off all BULK 🌟

Wintering in the Pacific Northwest

Winter in the Pacific Northwest is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The many, many overcast days, bitterly cold breezes, darkness at 4pm and so on… Here’s the list of things we’ll be using to keep our spirits up this season:

Restoring practices: Yoga, puzzles, book clubs, mending, crocheting or other hands-on hobbies. Keeping these activities at the top of mind is incredibly important.

It can be easy to slip into a routine of binge-watching (and absolutely no judgment here) - I just find that the redundancy of that can be what gets to me. So switching it up and keeping other things close by helps me. This time of year I pull out the bin of clothes needing to be mended out and place it close to the TV. I have plenty of socks that need to be darned, sweaters that need to be repaired and so on.

Additionally, it’s time to break out the puzzle table! I love puzzles - and this time of year is perfect for cozying up with a hot beverage, an audio book and a challenging puzzle.

Nurture social connections: We know that social connections reap huge benefits for our physical and mental health. Engaging with friends and community is especially important in these months when it’s so easy for us to retreat to our own (cozy) caves. And no, I’m not referring to holiday gatherings - because those can be draining for many of us. I’m referring to meaningful connection with like-minded folks in a setting that feels safe and low-stakes. I’m only having a good time when I know I can take off without getting guilt tripped by someone or having to come up with some sort of excuse.

Not sure where to start? Check out our workshop page. We’d love to have you join us.

Nourish: Continue to drink plenty of water, warm yourself with a warm beverage, cook and do your best to make your meals hearty and comforting (whatever that means for you). Need help finding some yummy (affordable) recipes for this season? Here’s a good website to try out: Budget Bytes.

Another aspect of nourishment to think about is, nourishment for your plant friends. And actually, this can be two-fold. If you haven’t invested in plant lights for your fronds, now might be the time. These full spectrum lights can actually be super beneficial for us too! I have found that having my plant lights on a timer allows me to stick closer to my schedule in the Spring/ Summer. The way I have it programmed is so that even though it’s pitch black outside at 4, my plant lights are on til 7. So the inside of my house is lighter and brighter and I don’t feel like it’s time to go to bed at 5:30.

Nest: I always try to save my indoor projects for the winter time. This is a great time to re-paint, re-style, re-decorate anywhere you wish! If you love to decorate for the holidays - great! That’s not really my thing so much. I’m pretty minimal when it comes to holiday decor but y’all know I love a good redecorating project. This time of year you can really take your time to prep and think about your project - and make a whole thing out of it! Create a mood board, go buy some magazines and cut them up old-school style, draw your new room with crayons, etc. The design process can be so invigorating and is a great way to spend some extra time this season. 

I hope that helps. I know this season can be tough for many folks, for many reasons. Can we help? Are there other resources we can provide?

Wishing you all a snuggly Winter. 

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