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The OG of Zero Waste - Vintage + Secondhand!

Sure there are lots of impersonators out there, but there's no substitute for years and years of patina, good quality and texture. The yumminess of vintage and antiques just can't be replicated in a factory.

Plus, by choosing secondhand and vintage, you're discouraging the overproduction of more stuff

So, what are the best places to shop for secondhand and vintage? Here are a few of my favorites: 

1. Yard sales 

My mom used to take my sister and I on "Garage Sale Trails" - it's still one of my favorite pastimes. This is hands-down the best way to snag vintage gems at bargain prices. Social distancing approved and a wonderful way to spend a cool Saturday morning. Keep in mind, this could take awhile.

2. Local Buy Nothing Groups 

If you haven't heard of the Buy Nothing Project - oh wow, hang on to your hat! These groups are absolutely fantastic - hyper local, a wonderful way to meet your neighbors, and best of all - everything is free! I have gotten so many wonderful toys for my kiddo, free plants, paint, you name it. I always make a point to try and find a home for things through this group before I donate to charity. 

3. Estate Sales 

These can be a little intimidating and it can also be pretty hit or miss but if you have the time, patience and the stomach for it, these can be really fun. I highly recommend going with a friend - it makes them a lot less intimidating. Bonus: You get to see some incredibly rad houses. 

There are some great sites out there for finding Estate Sales near you, beyond just Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. EstateSales.Net and Estate Sale-Finder are my faves - you'll be able to find local estate sales as well as bid on some items directly on the websites. 

4. Auctions 

These can be a whole lot of fun - even if you have no intention of buying something. If you're looking for bigger ticket items like cars, large piece of furniture, art, etc. these are definitely worthwhile. Looking for auctions in your area? Try this site. 

5. Flea Markets

Four words: Open. Air. Flea. Markets. I love a good flea so we've organized one in Downtown Vancouver; The Downtown Alley Flea. We have over 20 vendors every first Saturday of the month and are always bringing in fresh ones to keep the selection amazing. Additionally, The Portland Flea, First Sunday Flea and Plucky Maidens are all amazing if you're local to the Portland, Oregon area.

We also have an ever-changing inventory of vintage and secondhand items at Kindred because... can't stop, won't stop. 

Have a favorite or two that I failed to mention? Share your pro-tips in the comments below! 

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