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The Magic of Wool Dryer Balls

If you’ve spent some time exploring the world of sustainability, chances are you’ve probably come across wool dryer balls. You’ve likely heard that they are touted as an absolute necessity for a sustainable laundry routine, but have you ever wondered why? 

Drying Time

Wool is smart! It retains and releases heat intelligently, which means the typical air temperature of your dryer will be better utilized and distributed amongst your laundry while it tumbles. The balls also break-up clumps of laundry during the drying cycle -- to make sure you won’t pull out a damp wad of linens -- which maximizes the electricity used for a single cycle. Wool dryer balls have been shown to potentially reduce total drying time by up to 25%, which makes a big impact on energy efficiency in the long run. 

Scent + Static

While the main draw for using dryer balls might be energy efficiency, we particularly love them for their versatility! With just a few drops of essential oil (dropped directly onto a ball) a set of wool dryer balls can replace hundreds upon hundreds of dryer sheets, scenting your laundry however you please. If you’re concerned about static, wrap one of the dryer balls in a recycled sheet of aluminum foil. Better yet, attach a safety pin to a ball and pop into the dryer with your load of laundry. 

Regenerative Agriculture

Some folks may be wary of using an animal product without knowing much about it’s origins, which is why we are happy to source our dryer balls from sheep farms in New Zealand that focus on regenerative agriculture. Regenerative sheep grazing practices improve soil health, have a significant impact of carbon sequestering, increase biodiversity of meadowlands, and so much more. 

It’s pretty incredible to think about the journey from sheep to dryer, and what a remarkable impact this natural fiber has on our ability to live sustainably and thoughtfully. Come by our storefront to check out our selection of colors or place an order online!

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