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Sustainable Laundry Practices

We know that it’s probably not in your budget to purchase a brand-new energy efficient washer and dryer set. We also know that even if you can get a slick new set, there is so much more that you can do to make your laundry habits far more sustainable! Here are a handful of ways to love the earth with how you do your laundry:

Skip Wash Day (If You Can)

We know it may sound a bit yucky but don’t worry, we want you to smell good! What we are asking you to do is to inspect your worn clothes just a bit more carefully before you toss them in the dirty pile. No stains? No smells? Maybe hang it back up for one more wear. You’d be surprised how automatic it can be to toss a perfectly clean item into the hamper after one wear! 

Hand Wash, For Real

Everyone has a beloved item or two that requires hand washing. While it may be tempting to utilize the hand wash or delicate settings on your washing machine, save the energy and the water by filling up a basin or bucket to soak and wash your garment truly by hand. Refrain from doing a load of laundry that consists of only one or two items and instead opt to put in a little bit of effort for the best eco-payoff. Your garments will also last longer with delicate and spot-focused cleaning! 

Line Dry

You don’t need a spacious yard with big wood posts to successfully line dry your laundry! There are kits for every type of space and situation, like balcony lines, racks that drop down from ceilings, and lines that wrap around tree-trunks. Make the most of the space you have by thinking creatively about how you can get a bit of fresh air to work in your favor. This saves a tremendous amount of energy and -- if you are drying outside -- gives you some built-in stain removing power courtesy of the big, bright sun.

Clean Your Vents

An efficient dryer is a clean dryer. Make sure you are in the habit of inspecting and thoroughly cleaning your dryer vents so that they are lint-free and air is flowing freely. Not only does this maximize efficiency and dry your clothes more quickly, it also prevents housefires.

Reevaluate Your Products

Are you using an eco-friendly detergent? It may be time to make the switch, especially in favor of something concentrated or homemade. Have you incorporated wool dryer balls into your routine? They speed-up drying time and take the place of fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Is your stain remover packaged in plastic? Consider opting for something plastic-free but just as effective. These small changes can have a big impact over time!

For more helpful tips and encouragement, check out our Sustainable Laundry zine. Wishing you well in all of your laundry endeavours, Kindred family.

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