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Seasonal Refresh: Deep Cleans

Here at Kindred, we are harkening the changing of the seasons in every way possible.  We’re doin’ spooky crafts (more on that later) and getting our pumpkins.  Our morning lattes are hot, our bedtimes are early, and our sweaters are coming out of their summertime hiding places.  Soups are now always on the menu, and adding a throw blanket or two to the couch has been a celebration in itself.

Now, this won’t apply to everybody and that’s okay, but with a new season in full swing, it's a great opportunity for a little home improvement projects. Specifically: deep cleans.  The list of projects can be virtually endless, but the two spaces we’re focusing on this week are the pantry and/or your closet.  

Some of you may be switching out your seasonal wardrobes. It’s a perfect opportunity to take *everything*--yes, everything out of your closet and physically clean the space that holds all those amazing fall lewks.  Vacuum the floor of your closet; it gets dustier than you think.  Wipe down your shelving and clear away dust.  If you don’t already absolutely love it, try our multipurpose cleaner for that. It smells divine and will cut through dusty or grimy surfaces. Take the opportunity to do a quick inventory of what you have and cull what doesn’t suit you, doesn’t fit, or you know would have a better life somewhere else. 

Check in with local organizations or tap into your neighborhood mutual aid efforts to see who might be distributing warm clothes to houseless folks.  Store your summer ‘fits with care so it feels like reuniting with some old pals when it is once again time for warm weather clothes. Get wild and rearrange stuff in there, so it feels refreshing and new to pick out your fall combos when you’re getting yourself ready for your trip to the pumpkin patch. Then, when you’re done, sit back with a hot buttered rum in hand and admire your work. You’re so good to yourself.

As for the pantry, many of the same suggestions apply.  Do some inventory! What’s been living in there forever?  What’s expired?  Now, we are all about reducing waste at every possible opportunity, so don’t just go throwing stuff in the bin willy nilly.  Obviously if anything is far gone enough to say goodbye, do so. But, if something can be donated, or if old noodles can be turned into a kids’ craft, etc., be sure to keep that in mind.  Be sure to wipe down shelves, label anything that might need it (anybody add salt instead of sugar to a baking recipe before?!), and if you love to store bulk items in jars like we do, adjust the jar size to fit the amount you have on hand.  Seemingly like magic, you will have more space.  

Everyone’s organization style is different, so tailor your space to yours.  How often do you cook and need spices at hand?  Do you like things alphabetized, or perhaps grouped by category?  

The world is your oyster and your pantry can and should be organized according to your day to day needs.  Wipe down anything and everything that feels sticky or dusty. If you have items that tend to leak, maybe group them in another box or container that you can periodically clean so you don’t have to worry about gunk on your shelf.  If you have a walk-in pantry, sweep and mop the floor, and thank yourself later for it.  If there’s a section that is dedicated to the kiddos, make sure it's easy for them to help themselves to what they need without undoing all the work you’re putting in.  Transfer more seasonal items to easier to reach places. Bask in the glory of your handiwork.  You’re a majestic domestic deity.

It sounds kinda mundane, but dedicating a little time and elbow grease to a deep clean project at the change of a season will leave you with a Pinterest worthy space at the end of your effort.  Bonus: you’ll be able to find your stuff, too.  Ultimately, it is about reaping the benefits of a well organized life.   It's a small way in which you can exercise a little care for you and yours; a notion we forever support.  What are some tips or tricks you have? Share your thoughts with us. 

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