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Our Favorite Low Waste Laundry Detergents

Are you sensing a theme in our last several posts? We can’t help it! We just think it’s so important (and fun) to educate ourselves and our Kindred family on all the ways that we can be kinder to the environment through making simple changes, and laundry is a great place to start. So, right on theme, we would love to share our favorite laundry detergent options that are both highly effective and earth friendly:

Not-Your-Momma’s Pods

No scents, no dyes, no enzymes, no chlorine. Just a powerful ingredient list that’s safe for sensitive skins (even babies’) in a tiny zero-waste pod. One pod holds enough cleaning power for one load, up for 25 pounds, and we offer them in our bulk refillery. You can stock-up on this super convenient laundry solution using your very own container or pick-up something pretty in the shop for storing the pods on your laundry room shelf. 

Suds-Free Powder

You know when  you pull your clothes out of the wash and there’s an unsightly, fine white residue? That’s from the suds of your average laundry powder. But this laundry powder is anything but average. You can buy this unscented, fine-grain powder by the ounce in our shop (or online) and when you finish your wash cycle, no residue will be found. That’s because the powder dissolves quickly without any suds but manages to effectively clean your laundry, without any irritating chemicals or fillers. That’s a big win. 

EcoDaisy Liquid Detergent

EcoDaisy is the holy grail of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products, creating the most effective and safest cleaners, detergents, and soaps on the market. We are thrilled to offer their liquid laundry detergent in our bulk section so that you can stock-up on this brightening, stain-fighting, delightfully (plant based) scented detergent. All you need is 1-2 tablespoons for your average-sized load and your items will come out smelling fresh and feeling soft.

We hope you’ve found a few great low waste alternatives for your laundry routine. Tag us on your Instagram story or drop us a line so we can see how fresh and clean you’re lookin’! 

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