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🌟 Plastic-Free July | 10% off all BULK 🌟
🌟 Plastic-Free July | 10% off all BULK 🌟

New Year, New Blog!

At the precipice of this new year, there may be a lot in our lives that feels out of control: political strife, social barriers as we remain distanced from one another, and concerns about our health and that of our loved ones. That’s why we felt compelled to start the year off with the renewal of our blog, and we are so glad that you are here to come along for the ride.

This blog will be a space in which we hope to cultivate knowledge, provide encouragement, and compile resources so that you can feel inspired to take control of your daily habits in a way that serves the health of the planet and, consequently, benefits your own wellness too.

Although our low-waste wares and vintage treasures may be what initially brought you here, we continue to be focused on what inspired us to build Kindred Homestead Supply in the first place: equipping our community with the tools and the know-how to make living less wastefully -- and more thoughtfully -- feel as effortless and accessible as possible.

We know that low-waste living can come with some big questions and may seem out of reach depending on your income, schedule, location and so many other factors. We are on a mission to make these changes feel a lot less daunting, starting with using what you have on hand, learning about ingredients and how to best use them, and finding small ways to make sustainable switches in your daily life.

For those of you who may have already learned their fair share of low-waste tricks, know that we have so many delightful tips to share and a wealth of information to impart. We hope you’ll find this blog to be an encouragement in your low-waste journey.

With the renewal of this blog, we are eager to connect with you! What sort of information and content would best serve you? Comment below or send us a message here to let us know what interests you. Thanks for being a part of the Kindred community and happy new year!

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