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Kindred Spirit Spotlight - Kristin @CulottaCreations

Pink and Red Stained Glass with Silhouette of a Tree.

I love introducing y'all to members of our community as well as artists whose work we showcase in the shop. 

I'd like to introduce you to Kristin, @CulottaCreations. Kristin makes the most gorgeous stained glass mobiles, art and jewelry. I am over the moon that you can see and experience these in living color inside the shop. Kristin is one of the many Kindred Spirits I've met on my journey. A cat lover, a chicken keeper, and an all around badass creator.

I grew up in Long Beach, California as an only child & was fortunate enough to be exposed to a few key elements that would heavily influence my life:  travel, food, music and art.  I earned my BFA in Fine Art Photography and have explored all different mediums of art throughout the past 20 years, always looking for a something new to try.

In 2014 I delved into the craft of stained glass and have since focused on it with a deep passion.  In 2018 I switched career gears & left my career in corporate F&B hospitality to focus exclusively on Culotta Creations.  I am highly influenced by geometric & organic architecture and seek to challenge traditional techniques.

I currently live in Camas, Washington & in the rare moments I am not "stained glassing" I enjoy gardening, cooking or outdoor activity with my husband and two dogs George & Gemma.

You can see more of Kristin's gorgeous work on her Instagram or her website.

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