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Kindred Spirit Spotlight - Pete @composting.pete

Garden Spade with Fresh Compost Spilling Off

It’s not every day that you meet someone who wants to geek out about composting food scraps, collecting coffee grounds, and growing and tending to worms. If you’re into it, Pete’s your guy. And if composting + recycling interests you, I can’t recommend becoming a Master Composter-Recycler enough. I met loads of other Kindred Spirits at this training, learned so much I didn’t know, and was able to deepen my knowledge of things I did so I could share that knowledge with my loved ones.

Regardless of if you decide to pursue the MCR training or not, definitely give Pete a follow — he’ll definitely brighten up your Instagram feed.

So grateful for you, Pete. Thanks for making our community, and the world, a better place.

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