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Embracing Fall: Sustainable Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox, a celestial event marking the arrival of fall, is a time when day and night are perfectly balanced. It signifies the Earth’s transition from summer’s warmth to autumn’s crisp embrace. As the leaves change colors and the air turns cooler, it’s not just nature that transforms; our homes, too, can reflect this shift. Embracing sustainability and adopting low-waste practices in your home decor during this season is a way to celebrate the beauty of fall and honor the delicate balance of our environment. In this blog post, we will explore how you can infuse your living spaces with the spirit of the Autumn Equinox, all while treading lightly on the Earth.

Understanding the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox is like a celestial party, where cultures worldwide gather to celebrate without taking themselves too seriously. In the Western world, it’s the official welcome to fall, with people joyfully embracing the equal lengths of day and night. Indigenous communities gather for a hearty feast to thank the Earth for the incredible harvest. Hindus engage in the vibrant festivities of Navaratri, celebrating the triumph of positivity over negativity. And during Sukkot, our Jewish friends build charming little huts to commemorate their historical journey and express gratitude for the bountiful harvest. It’s a delightful reminder that, no matter where we’re from, we’re all united in recognizing the magic of balance, the richness of the harvest, and the power of gratitude. 🍂✨

Sustainable Decor Ideas

When it comes to sustainable fall decor, there’s a world of creativity waiting for you, and it’s kind to the planet, too! Here are just a few ideas:

Invite nature indoors with fallen leaves, dried flowers, pinecones, branches, hops, corn, and pumpkins. These elements infuse your home with an authentic autumnal vibe and can be composted when their decorative duties are done, returning nutrients to the Earth.

Repurpose old items into unique autumn decor pieces. Think reclaimed wood for rustic signs or mason jars for candle holders. Lastly, embrace biodegradable and recyclable decorations, from paper garlands to fabric bunting.

Autumnal decor offers versatile options that can be enjoyed from September to November. Instead of accumulating specific items for each holiday within this timeframe, opt for pieces that can be easily adjusted to suit different occasions as the season progresses.

When it comes to candles, you can’t beat beeswax. They help purify the air by releasing negative ions, effectively combating indoor pollutants that may accumulate during the closed-window season. Plus, their warm, golden glow creates a soothing ambiance that perfectly complements the snug atmosphere of winter evenings.

Low-Waste Living Practices

Embracing low-waste living during the fall season is eco-conscious and enriching for our homes and the environment. So, let’s talk about a few things we think about most this time of year:

Adopting mindful meal planning techniques and finding creative ways to repurpose leftovers into delicious new dishes works wonders regarding food waste. This is a beautiful time for soups and broths, and don’t forget that these freeze well!

When hosting autumn gatherings, opt for eco-friendly entertaining by using reusable tableware and utensils instead of disposable options, minimizing the impact on landfills. Better yet, ask your guests to bring their own and save yourself a load of dishes, too!

And for a genuinely sustainable approach, let’s not forget about composting – this is a great season to start a worm bin, find a community compost near you, or treat yourself to that tumbling composter you’ve been wanting.

By implementing these simple yet impactful measures, we can savor fall flavors while reducing our ecological footprint, making this season truly harmonious with nature.

Make Your Own!

Beeswax Leaf Garland

What you’ll need:

  • Beeswax (white or yellow)
  • Leaves
  • Tweezers (optional)
  • Glass jar or bowl
  • Wax paper (to place the leaves to dry or you could use a tray)
  • Pot of boiling water

Instructions: Place 1/2 – 1 cup of beeswax into a glass jar or bowl. Place the glass container over or in the pot of boiling water. Allow the beeswax to melt fully. Once the beeswax is fully melted remove the jar from heat. Carefully dip each leaf into the wax with tweezers or carefully with your fingers. Gently scrape off the excess on the sides of the jar or bowl. Then, allow them to dry on wax paper. (They will dry quickly). After about 5 minutes, they will be ready to create whatever you want. There are so many things you could do!

Sustainable Shopping

We all feel the allure of new seasonal decor, especially when those charming displays beckon from stores like Target or Homegoods. However, before succumbing to the temptation, it’s worth pausing to consider a more sustainable approach. When shopping for autumn pieces, ask yourself:

How many years will this item last? 

Is it designed with durability in mind? 

And, crucially, can it be repaired rather than discarded if it happens to break?

By prioritizing longevity and repairability in your purchases, you invest in decor that will stand the test of time and contribute to reducing unnecessary waste. This mindful approach to shopping ensures that your autumn decor can become cherished heirlooms, each telling a story of past seasons.

In the spirit of the Autumn Equinox, as we bid farewell to the warmth of summer and embrace the cozy enchantment of fall, let’s remember the importance of sustainable living. This season offers a unique opportunity to harmonize our lifestyles with the natural world, from eco-friendly decor to mindful practices that reduce waste. As you celebrate the Equinox, let gratitude for the Earth and its abundant resources be your guiding light. By treading lightly, embracing sustainability, and cherishing the beauty of this transformative season, we can collectively contribute to a more balanced, bountiful, and beautiful world.

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