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Defining "Zero Waste"

Bag of Reusable Glass Bottles

"Zero Waste" is a term focused on designing waste out of the manufacturing process so that all materials are re-purposed or reused. Basically, send nothing &mdash or at least very little — to the landfill.

As a lifestyle, it's a growing movement — though it's worth pointing out that this way of living is not new at all. Our ancestors practiced "zero waste" long before it became a buzz word out of necessity and respect for the environment. Embracing the lifestyle is a dedication to reducing the amount we consume and discard as practically as possible. Each person should define what zero waste living looks like for them, based on their unique circumstances.

It's important to note that you'll often hear us use the term "low waste" instead of "zero waste". This is because the term zero waste is often associated with a lifestyle only accessible to people with privilege, or advantage. We strongly believe that this shouldn't be the case and are committed to working together with our community, as well as further educating others, to bring low-waste living to all people.

TLDR: Living zero waste (which we prefer to call low waste) doesn't have to be expensive, stressful, or fill you with shame. We're all just doing the best we can to do better, be better and make better choices.

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