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5 R's of Low Waste


When it comes to living more eco-friendly / sustainable / low-waste / [your term here], the secret is...there is no secret. Just start. Start anywhere. Go big. Go small. Whatever feels right for you.

To get started with a lower-waste lifestyle, remember the 5 R's:

> Refuse: "I don't need that [straw, swag, flyer, pile of napkins, etc"

> Reduce: "Do I really need this?" "How will I take care of it so it lasts?"

> Reuse/ Repair: "Hey, I can use these takeout containers to save seeds from my garden!"

> Recycle: This includes upcycling! Recycling is one of the ubiquitous ways to reduce ways, but it's far from perfect. 

> Rot: There are so many ways to compost — big space, small space, tiny space... We'll be sharing more info on composting so keep your eyes peeled!

A commitment to a lower-waste lifestyle isn't about throwing everything you have away, or dumping it all on some unknowing charity. It's about looking around, reassessing what you have, what you need, and how you choose to move forward.

So go ahead and use up all of your shampoo, face wash, all-purpose household cleaner, etc. When they've run out and it's time to restock we'll be here. Ready to help you make better, more sustainable choices.

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