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Tepache Fermented Beverage


Pronounced “teh-pah-che,” this fermented beverage has been made in Mexico for centuries. Thousands of versions of Tepache exist, each varying in the spices or flavorings used but the core of it all is pineapples. De La Calle uses certified organic pineapples to create their Tepache and we promise you this -- it’s delicious and unlike anything else you’ve tasted.

Natural, tepache cultures promote gut health. Low in sugar, but high in flavor. Rich in antioxidants. A hydrating alternative to sugary sodas.Deeply drinkable and delicious.

Not only is Tepache delicious, it’s a healthy alternative to other bubbly beverages and low in sugar! Great as a midday sip or paired with your favorite tequila (N/A or otherwise) to make Taco Tuesday even more fun.