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Red Flamingo Antherium - 4in

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This spectacular tropical is native to the South American regions and produces shiny, dark green, heart-shaped leaves. Flamingo Flowers are complemented with a continuous display of bright waxy, red heart-shaped spathes with yellow spadices. On average, the flower lasts for a full two to three months. In their native rainforest environment, these houseplants flourish best in indirect, high light sources such as a southern exposure. They need this amount of light to produce blossoms. While this medium care plant requires a bit more attention, the overall rewards are worth the effort for how gorgeous it is.

Keep away from pets because all parts of the plant are poisonous. If broken open, the plant will ooze a milky sap. This sap contains a toxin called calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalate is found in tiny crystals, which, when coming in contact with skin, cause itching, and burning. The plant’s sap also contains proteolytic enzymes that can produce histamines, causing a severe allergic reaction in some individuals.