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Nourish Facial Grains, Refillable


This hydrating herbal mask replenishes moisture and nutrients to dry, damaged and lackluster skin. Full of antioxidants, nourishing flowers and humectants, this pretty pink powder doubles as a gentle exfoliant, making it the perfect self-care staple.

Hibiscus is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), which clear pores and increase cell turnover as well as moisturize and firm the skin. Also high in antioxidants called anthocyanocides, it protects against free radical damage and minimizes pores. Marshmallow root is a perennial with soft, pink flowers and white roots (once used to make the famous confection) with a high mucilage content, which makes it ultra-hydrating. In this formula, it works in synergy with nourishing ground oats, balancing rose and anti-aging rosehips, high in vitamins A and C. 

Ingredients: kaolin and rose kaolin clay, oat powder,* rose powder,* hibiscus powder,* marshmallow root powder,* rosehip powder,* essential oils of geranium* and ho wood.  *organic

Directions: Wet face with warm water. Shake a tablespoon into palm of hand or nonmetallic bowl and add warm water to form a paste. Using circular motions, gently massage into skin, or leave on for 10-15 minutes as a mask, then rinse. Gentle enough for daily use.

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