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Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf

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Moso bamboo, a.k.a the giant bamboo or timber bamboo, has been used for centuries to fashion buildings, flooring and culinary tools. The young shoots are often prepared into Asian dishes. The giant bamboo species Moso belongs to the fastest growing plants in the world. It reaches its final length of up to 20 meters within a couple of months (with a speed of up to 1 meter a day during the growing season!) making it a fantastically renewable resource.

This beautiful and renewable plant has been used to create our Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf, a perfect dry resting spot for a dish washing block, shampoo or conditioner bars, etc.

It will fit both the 5.9 oz size and the humongous size Dish Block perfectly. The generous soap shelf size also fits most body cleansing bars and petite shampoo bars.