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Mason Bee Nesting Tubes


Many garden stores and internet sites sell cheap mass produced Mason bee homes using bamboo or drilled wooden blocks. These types of nesting holes do not allow easy harvesting of cocoons, which is paramount in eliminating parasites that will otherwise drastically reduce your bee population.

While natural reeds are the most attractive to nesting bees but are single use as they must be split open to harvest the cocoons. Cardboard tubes and liners are a lower cost option and only slightly less attractive to bees. Kept dry the cardboard tubes are reusable just replace the easily opened paper liner.

These nesting tubes are the perfect way to host native mason bees, be able to harvest and store them over winter and all you need to replace are the inner white liners each year. You can easily place these in a bee-home of your choosing. We love to re-use materials such as plastic jugs, wood frames or vintage pieces re-purposed as bug hotels.

Whatever you decide - these tubes are the perfect way to get and keep a mason bee population going in your garden.

Sold per tube - an outer cardboard tube and inner paper liner. The outer tubes can be re-used for many years to come. Simply replace the inner liner each year.