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Kombucha Starter Kit

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This full kombucha starter kit includes a mama scoby, instructions, tea, sugar, a 1/2 gallon jar, butter muslin and a band so you'll be all set for your first batch of kombucha and you'll have all the information you need to continue brewing delicious probiotic kombucha into perpetuity.

Glass jars make a great vessel for brewing kombucha. You can watch the visual changes that occur during fermentation, and clean up easily. As your scoby grows you can divide it to share with friends, feed it to chickens or compost it.

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black tea drink commonly consumed for its purported health benefits. Sometimes the beverage is called kombucha tea to distinguish it from the culture of bacteria and yeast. Add your own juices, spices, fruit and save loads of money!