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Kintsugi DIY Kit


When repairing something, we often look to repair it to exactly as it was beforehand. However Kintsugi teaches us that sometimes it’s better to wear our imperfections and use them to our advantage. This kit is the ideal starting point.

Designed to help you master the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, you will learn to use a colored glue to help seal the cracks and snaps of items back shut. Each kit includes:

Epoxy Fast Glue ** High Grade Epoxy, produced in the Netherlands
Premium nontoxic color powder
Detailed instructions to follow. – Available on English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish.
Craft Wood Brush
Bamboo Mixing Sticks for easier preparation.
Recycled Palm Leaf Mixing Tray
Gloves Latex & Powder Free for protecting your hands throughout.

Kintsugi Step by Step:

Once you have got hold of your kit, you will have step by step instructions on how to carry it out.

  • Find the right broken piece (keep it quite simple to start with).
  • Mix the powder and epoxy glue together with the mixing bamboo sticks on the provided tray.
  • Start to piece your item back together again (essentially so you know which bit goes where).
  • Apply the sticky powered glue to put your broken piece back together again.
  • Apply an extra sparkle on top of the repair when the glue is almost dry.
  • Let it dry for 48 hours. Its READY!

What material does this work for?

It will work on pretty much everything you can think of: porcelain, ceramics, jewellery, glass, wood, terracotta, hard plastics.

 Is it Food Safe?

While the epoxy fast glue is resistant up to 212° F, we do not advise using items for food after using this kit. Decorative use only please.

Available in three colors: Rose, Gold and Black.