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Gua Sha Tool


If you're looking for something to help with tension in the muscles, smoothing out the fascia, and circulating blood and lymph through the tissues then look no further than the practice of Gua Sha. Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing method in which one uses a smooth-edged tool to stroke the skin with gentle pressure.

People use Gua Sha to treat chronic pain all over their body. They often do it alongside other complementary treatments like herbal medicine, massage, acupuncture, and heat therapy. The result of Gua Sha is deeply hydrated, plump, toned, and sculpted skin with a radiant glow.

You can use this tool on many parts of your body: Face, Legs, Back, Neck, Arms, Glutes, etc.

The curvy design of this stone is more accessible to parts of the all body that are difficult to touch, such as the face, shoulders, hands, etc. The ultra-smooth surface can be used on different parts of the face, neck, back, wrists and feet.

One of our favorite ways to use this tool is alongside a facial oil for a little self-love facial at the end of the day.

Clean your stone prior to each use with warm water and a skin-friendly cleanser or soap. For best results, practice at least 3 times per week. Daily use is encouraged, but not more than once per day.  

This lovely tool is made of Obsidian in the United States.