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Essential Oil


Discover the essence of nature with Cellar Door's Essential Oils, a testament to purity and craftsmanship. Kindred is proud to collaborate with this passionate, family-owned business from Washington State, renowned for its commitment to all-natural, non-toxic fragrances. Cellar Door distinguishes itself with a dedication to authenticity, crafting essential oils that transform any space into a sanctuary of scent.

Why Cellar Door Essential Oils Stand Out:

  • Purely Natural: Crafted with single-ingredient pure essential oils, ensuring a clean and genuine aroma.
  • No Synthetic Fragrances: Free from artificial scents, paraffin, or petroleum by-products, offering a truly organic experience.
  • Expertly Designed: All fragrances are meticulously designed in-house, using only essential oils for a unique and original scent that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Health-Conscious: Created with your well-being in mind, these essential oils aim to enhance your environment without causing the allergies and discomfort associated with synthetic fragrances.

Our Collaboration: By choosing these essential oils, you’re not only elevating your own living space but also supporting a small, family-run business that prioritizes the health of its customers and the integrity of its products.

From Their Family to Yours: Cellar Door, led by lead fragrance designer and owner Jamie, brings a wealth of experience and a personal journey toward creating non-toxic, natural products that truly make a difference. This partnership reflects our shared values of honesty, integrity, and a commitment to providing products that respect both people and the planet.

Embrace the natural, enrich your home, and support a brand that’s making real change.

Each bottle is 1 oz.