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Essential Oil Car Diffusers


Made of ceramics and filled with natural wool (which absorbs essential oil very well.) we love these as an alternative to disposable and synthetic car air fresheners.

Pour your chosen essential oil into the wool middle and the scent starts to vaporize immediately when air blows through. The diffuser can be filled with any aroma depending on mood without the need to change the whole item. Essential oils evaporate completely with time, therefore different smells can be added to the same diffuser.

Easily attached onto air vents on most cars – it has a magnet which holds it on a metal clip. The freshener can be refilled by simply pulling it off the magnet, adding a drop or two of essential oil and sticking it back. It not only fills the car with amazing aromas but also adds a unique piece of art.

Diameter approx. 5cm/2”

Assorted Colors!