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🌟 Plastic-Free July | 10% off all BULK 🌟

Dr Zero Zero | AmarNo


Non-Alcoholic Distillates

Doctor ZeroZero invites you to elegantly feel better. Enjoy the fine taste of elaborately crafted distillates, yet limit your alcohol consumption and avoid hangovers with DrZeroZero Non-Alcoholic libations. 

​Introducing AmarNo, the Non Alcoholic evolution of Italy’s traditional Amari.

For centuries Italians have appreciated the flavor and digestive properties of bitter herbs, the key ingredients of the Amaros.​

AmarNo contains extracts of sage, Chinese Rhubarb, wormwood, and quassia, considered by many as digestive stimulants as well as tonics benefiting energy levels.

An exquisite after-dinner botanical bitter, crafted by master “Amarologists” in Italy, yet without the alcohol content of other Amari and is an ideal complementary component to creative cocktails, 

The love of Amaro is an Italian tradition. Master craftsmen have kept perfecting this essential spirit. Today, DrZeroZero brings you our Non-Alcoholic version, maintaining the flavor and smoothness that has delighted us for so long in this country of world-renowned food and drink culture.

A few ways to enjoy: 

Stresa Sour

2oz Amarno
1oz Lemon Juice
1.oz Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
0.5oz Rich Simple Syrup, (2:1, sugar: water)
1 egg white

Combine all the ingredients except the egg white in a shaker and shake to chill, for 10-15 seconds. Strain into a glass, discard the ice, pour the mixture back into the same chilled shaker, add egg white, and shake for 10 more seconds. Pour into a chilled Coupe. Garnish with a half orange wheel and a cherry.


1oz Amarno

1oz Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

5oz Non-Alcoholic Beer (preferably lager)

Add the Amarno and Grapefruit Juice to a chilled snifter or small glass. Finish with the beer.

Fixer Upper

1.5 Amarno

.5 oz Cold Brew Coffee

Ginger Beer

Add the Amarno to a collins glass filled with ice. Top with Ginger Beer. Top with Cold Brew.

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