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Distilled White Vinegar


Available In-Store Only

Vinegar has many more uses than you might think! White vinegar is perfect for cleaning, removing stains, and making natural remedies. Our Distilled White Vinegar is concentrated at 30% acidity. What you can buy at the grocery store is only 5%.

Great for homemade household cleaners, vinegar easily removes hard water stains, cooking oil, ink and deodorizes in the process!

OMRI certified for organic horticultural use if you wish to use it in your organic garden. 

Use full strength, or dilute down to your desired strength. 

Do not use on granite, marble, or soapstone.

Please use caution when handling this vinegar. It is a much higher concentrate than you've been buying in the grocery store. Be sure to wear necessary protection as needed. 

✩ All online orders are packed in sanitized & upcycled containers. This allows us to keep costs down while still providing you with quality products! If you prefer a new container, please add one to your order and email us letting us know to fill your new bottle with the proper product.

Sold by the ounce.