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Daikon Radish Seed Extract


Daikon Radish Seed Extract is a clear, odorless oil. There is a small amount of rosemary seed extract to serve as the preservative, but it does not add any smell to the product.

Want shiny hair? Use Daikon Seed Extract. Creating a scalp treatment? Oh yes. Daikon Seed Extract has been tested to show additional strength and shine, and helps to decrease transdermal water loss. Adding this extract to your DIY creations will increase moisture retention and shine!

Daikon seed extract is hydrating without being oily, which is key. Blend this with jojoba oil, Oregon hazelnut oil, and zinc oxide to create a salve, ointment, or cream. Be very careful with the essential oils you use, as they will be applied to open wounds. You’ll want to stick with very calming essential oils, like chamomile, clary sage, helichrysum, blue tansy and frankincense.

Beard oils, shampoo and conditioners, scalps serums or scrubs, etc.

Fatty Acid Profile of Daikon Radish Seed Extract

Palmitic Acid 16:0                4.9%
Stearic Acid 18:0                 1.9%
Oleic Acid 18:1                    23.6%
Linoleic Acid 18:2                10.5%
Alpha-Linolenic Acid 18:3    9.8%
Arachidic Acid 20:1             10.5%
Erucic Acid 22:1                   32.7%

We especially love that this extract is grown, harvested and made in Oregon - hello sustainable oil!

✩ All online orders are packed in sanitized & upcycled containers. This allows us to keep costs down while still providing you with quality products! If you prefer a new container, please add one to your order and email us letting us know to fill your new bottle with the proper product.

Sold by the ounce.