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Castile Soap, Refillable


Highly versatile, this soap can be diluted greatly to wash vegetables & fruit, can be used as is as a body wash or shampoo and is a great floor cleaner when diluted 50/50 with water.

We also have lots of DIY recipe cards that use Castile soap - all purpose cleaner + safer scrubbers (a Comet replacement)!

Please note that our castile soap is coconut oil-free. However, all castile soaps will eventually turn opaque if you cool them enough, but pure olive oil castile soap is especially prone to this. 

Shake well. Sometimes a cloudiness will appear; this is the nature of the oil used in the soap and the product may appear different at different temperatures.

Vegan │ No Added Parabens │ No Added Phthalates │ No Added Gluten │ No Added

Ingredients: Palm Water (Aqua), Organic Olive Fruit Oil (Olea Europaea), Caustic Potash (Potassium Hydroxide)



Local Delivery , Curbside Pickup + In-Store Only.

On your delivery day, leave all empty containers and caps on your doorstep in the delivery bag. We'll leave your new order and take the empties to wash, sanitize and reuse. If you're not done with your product, no worries, we'll get the empty container next time.

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