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Bulk Worm Castings

  • Worm castings are a gentle, effective, natural fertilizer that provide essential nutrients to plants. Scientific studies show that using worm castings in the garden can help plants grow significantly larger, stronger, and produce a LOT more, better-quality flowers, fruit and vegetables. Bonus - It can also increase a plant’s resilience to pests, drought, heat, disease, and other stress. 

  • They’re slow-release meaning it’s incredibly difficult to “overdo it” but a little also goes a long way!

  • Worm castings are chock full of beneficial bacteria and fungi that support other organisms in the soil food web, they improve soil structure by increasing aeration, improving drainage, and enhancing moisture retention all at the same time and supporting Vermicomposting reduces the amount of garden and food waste going to the landfill and creates stellar free organic fertilizer instead.

  • There are a bunch of ways to use worm castings in the garden: add some to your seedling start mix, when filling a new raised garden bed with soil, directly in the planting hole when transplanting seedlings into the garden, sprinkled on top of soil (lightly scratched in) after planting, or around the base of established plants like a layer of mulch. We love to do all of the above!

  • Sold by the scoop.

    .50/ scoop (~3.5 oz)