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Bar Soap | Standing Spruce


Standing Spruce is an Authentic indigenous wellness company steeped in traditional teachings, values, and customs.. Plant medicine is an important part of our history and our foundation is built on ancestral knowledge and old world medicine. We believe in in the importance of mother earth for our health and wellbeing.

We're obsessed with their botanically infused cold pressed soaps.

Here's their story: As one of the only "indigenous farmers" in our area, I began our journey towards food security with the belief that we could do something meaningful and that there was "a better way" than large scale/commercial farming. Our goal was to provide clean ethical food, honey and crops not only to ourselves, but also to friends, family, and eventually our community. Raising animals with empathy is of the utmost importance here on the farm. Chickens along with our own honey bees, food, and medicinal garden keep us fairly busy - but above all, happy.

At our farm we have always operated on a zero waste policy, using all aspects of our farm and botanicals in our products including honey which is harvested, and beeswax used by our apothecary in lip balms, remedies, and skin care.

If ordering online please message us for current scent availability.