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Bulk PittMoss


We're sooooo excited for this! A revolutionary, up-cycled peat-free and with a lower carbon footprint than coir, this alternative is great  for outdoor and indoor plants!

This products is OMRI listed for organic growing and is the best soil for sustainably minded, and organic gardeners. This growing media is lightweight, and significantly less dusty than traditional soil mediums. 

How it’s Made: Prime is made from PittMoss’s proprietary and revolutionary recycled paper fiber. PittMoss engineers this fiber to have incredible properties that allows plants to grow big and strong, even under stressful conditions. This revolutionary product is the most sustainable and high-performing growing media on the market made 100% in the United Sates. PittMoss sources all paper ingredients from local recycling facilities and hand sorts each batch to ensure zero contaminants. Each batch is hand sorted and processed in Ambridge, PA using PittMoss’s custom and patent-pending machinery. PittMoss conducts extensive testing on each batch, and proudly shares information on heavy metals and more with the public via their blog and published research, and as requested.

Sold by the scoop.

.25/ scoop (~3.5 oz)