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Bulk Perlite


Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral in the form of amorphous volcanic glass, although it’s often confused by new gardeners as being some lightweight material like styrofoam.

The cavities in perlite help store nutrients and some moisture that the plant might need but drain excess water away from potting soil. It is non-toxic, clean, disease-free, and extremely lightweight and easy to work with.

Perlite helps your soil with drainage. It allows excess water to drain away while retaining a little moisture and catching nutrients that plants need to grow. This is especially true in raised beds and container gardens, in commercial potting soil, but also in the ground.

It also improves airflow in your soil, and that’s necessary both for your plant roots to breathe and for any worms, beneficial nematodes, and other good natural garden inhabitants. Because it’s a mineral glass and thus harder than the soil around it, it also helps to slow down compaction and keeps your soil fluffy and lightweight.

Sold by the scoop.

.25/ scoop (~3.5 oz)