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🌟 Plastic-Free July | 10% off all BULK 🌟
🌟 Plastic-Free July | 10% off all BULK 🌟

Argan Oil


Many paths through argan oil production prioritize haste over heritage. Our precious elixir tells a different tale.

Our supplier doesn't stop at eco-responsibility. Their heart beats in unison with the local community, offering living wage jobs, training villagers, and growing in earnest partnership. Embracing the sun's gift, they've turned to solar energy, danced with the rains in water-saving rituals, and sworn off the chains of pesticides. It's not just Argan Oil; it's a droplet of pure, ethical devotion.

DIY Product Uses:

Radiant Hair Serum: Bestow your locks with the famed shine and strength of Argan Oil. Easily infuse this oil with dried Rosemary sprigs.

Revitalizing Face Elixir: Harness Argan's vitamins and antioxidants for a youthful, glowing complexion. Ingredients: Argan Oil complemented with chamomile essential oil.

Nourishing Hand Cream: Dive into the oil's deep moisturizing capabilities for soft, youthful hands. Ingredients: Argan Oil, shea butter, and a hint of lavender essential oil.

Luscious Lip Conditioner: Argan’s fatty acids and vitamin E ensure plump, moisturized lips. Ingredients: Argan Oil, protective beeswax, and a splash of orange essential oil for zest.

Reparative Body Oil: Perfect for post-shower, Argan Oil seeps deep, leaving skin luminous and smooth. Ingredients: Argan Oil enriched with calming chamomile essential oil.

Intensive Cuticle Repair: Reinvent dry, brittle cuticles with Argan's nourishing touch. Ingredients: Argan Oil and a hint of lemon essential oil for a fresh scent.

Stores well under any condition but extreme heat will lessen the shelf life.

For cosmetic use only

✩ Packaging Note: Online orders are thoughtfully packed in sanitized, upcycled containers to keep quality high and environmental impact low. For those desiring new containers, options are available upon order.

Sold by the ounce.