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Scindapsus Sterling Silver - 6in


Available In-Store Only

Sterling Silver Scindapsus (Scindapsus treubii 'Moonlight') is a delightfully trendy and easy-to-grow houseplant. A close relative of both pothos (Epipremnum) and philodendron, it's much less common. Sterling Silver Scindapsus sports thick, dark green foliage that bears an elegant silvery sheen on top.

It is a slow-growing houseplant. You can train its vining stems up a trellis or totem; let it grow horizontally across a mantle or tabletop; or hang it and let it trail down out of reach of children and pets. Like its relatives, its leaves grow larger if it's allowed to climb in warm, bright conditions. 

Grow this beauty in a spot with medium to bright light to keep it thriving. Not sure how much light that is? Watch to see if the plant casts a medium to strong shadow much of the day. While Sterling Silver scindapsus prefers a bright spot, it tolerates low light. In dimmer spots, it does not grow as full or as lush. 
Pro-Tip: It does not need natural sunlight to thrive. It enjoys both natural and artificial light.